I'm an CIcelandic cowboy
On my FIcelandic Cpony.
I travel Amaround in the Dwest. G
I Cknow all the ways Faround SnfellsCnes,
'Cause that's where my Gbaby Cstays.

I've Cbeen to the east
And I've Fbeen to the Cwest.
I've been to the Amnorth and the Dsouth. G
COnce I met there an Fold polar Cbear,
But I found out he Ghad a big Cmouth.

FThat's why I'm singing
For you, Cforgotten cowboys,
GForgotten cowboys of the Cworld.
FCome to Iceland, C'cause it's a nice land
GAnd you can shake the shepherd's Chand.
And Fif you come to CIceland
You can Gjoin the local Cband.

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